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Read a Fic Write a Fic

Would you like a butter beer with that?

~Harry Potter FanFic~
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This is a Harry Potter Fan Fiction Community for fics all ships and sizes.
So come on in and share a story or two.You may have wrote it yourself or you may have found it on a site.Who cares,share the good stuff.

1.Respect people.Respect their fics,their likes.Criticism is welcome on all fics but please,Constructive Criticism ONLY.This means no flaming.If you flame you're out.

2.All ships are allowed,slash,het, all pairings etc etc.If you don't like a ship/pairing then don't read the fic.

3.All fics must be cut.You know,behond an LJ Cut.On peoples friends pages it is very very annoying when they have to scroll through loads and loads.If they want to read the fic they will follow the cut.SO PLEASE CUT.

4.Please feel free to promote any fics you have written or any fics you really like from other sites.Shamelessly Plug links to fics.We don't care.

5.Do not steal anybody elses work.Ever.If theres a good fic you like that you found on another site you must link to it.Do not even think about copying and pasting the story.it is just wrong.

6.When posting a fic you must fill out the following for people to read so they know what they're going to when they click your cut:
Title:If only...
Standard Disclaimer:
Warnings (if any):

And that is that.Please follow the rules.I would be very upset if I found out someone had broken a rule when it took me so long to think them up and type them on here.